Ra Ra Rasputin…

As the bowls is obviously more exciting than the World Cup in Russia (in case the joke was missed) the RA look to be onto an easy title this year despite misfiring in the early stages of the season, an easy win over the leagues bottom team puts them in pole position.  Although points are close the only team with the strength to normally compete with them are the JUC and they cant win for toffee at the moment.

Cummins B are in a great position and I suppose we shouldn’t underestimate them with the experience at their disposal.  They are at 2nd after a solid win over previous league leaders Darlington Woodland.

Other games include a win for South Park 1896 who are looking reasonable and just look for some consistency.  Also the JUC gained a draw at North Park, it seems both teams dislike winning or losing this year so far.


3rd year repeat final possible!

A repeat of the North Park V RA final is again possible this year with both sides winning their quarter final.

The RA beat Darlington Woodland with ease away from home and North Park pushed aside Cummins B in a more closely contested game.

There were also good wins for JUC at South Park, this was the biggest victory of the round and also Cummins A at Alpha Plus which was the shock result of the round as Alpha Plus have been flying.

The JUC now face Darlington RA at home and North Park face Cummins A.

Woodland go one better than they did in their plate…

The top of table clash between Alpha Plus and Darlington Woodland was won fairly comfortably by the new league leaders Woodland.  A strong win for Dave Newman over ‘I’m tired after 14 ends’ Glyn Jones was the main point swinger.

The table in general is slowly taking its usual shape with JUC and Darlington RA quietly sneaking back up the table, both teams winning 3-1 this week although both in tight circumstances.

Next week is the 1st round of the league knock-out which we look forward to with great interest where we see if a new champion can be crowned this year,

Alpha Plus Hit The Summit

A great result for Alpha Plus against Darlington RA puts them top.  They managed a 2-2 and were unlucky not to get 3 points on their home territory.  Only a large win for John Lynch secured the RA the long point.

Last years title winners JUC secured a strong away win at the leagues bottom club that is slowly getting them back into the race whilst Cummins B has an excellent derby result against Cummins A putting them in a strong position.

North Park were unlucky not to get more points at South Park 1896 with 2 very close results and a large win for Ann McQuittys rink who battered her own Saturday & Monday team mates!!

***Note JUC V Cummins B in week 5 was not cancelled due to rain which mean they can rearrange their game and do not share 1 point each due to weather, table corrected***

1896 Love Wet Advantage

All games were rained off this week and under new rules every team that had a game shared 1 point each.

This puts South Park 1896 in an unexpected position, they had a bye this week and therefore now have 2 games in hand and didn’t have to lose the opportunity of 4 points.  Whether they can take advantage of this remains to be seen.

Irony is when nobody plays bowls for rain when it was dry for the whole duration of 6.30pm to 8.30pm – it does make you realise why bowls isn’t considered a serious sport……every year people quote safety.  Its a wonder where this is backed up statistically as in the last 30 years of bowling only 4 injuries are remembered and 3 of those weren’t even rain related.

RA back sitting pretty

With a lacklustre start that JUC have had it seems Darlington RA may make easy work of the league this year.  A strong 4-0 win at Cummins A has popped them back to the summit!

There are teams though that have started well and wont want to be written off yet.  Alpha Plus have made a superb start with 2 wins from 2 and Darlington Woodland despite 2 draws are flying high so far this year.

Other result to note is a 1st win for South Park 1896 over Cummins B which gets them moving.

Woodland edge in front early doors

The table has started very tight, a draw for Woodland against North Park was enough to put them top despite heavily losing the long game.

The RA despite a slow start are right behind Woodland and again become league favourite as due to JUC having a torrid start to the season.  The RA scraped by them by 1 point.

It seems South Park could enter 20 teams and still hug bottom of the table……

North Park have had a reasonable start to the season with 2 consecutive draws and Alpha Plus are in a strong position only playing 1 game and right behind the leaders.