2019 Season in doubt

The league has hit a bit of a crossroads.

Sherwoods Vauxhall has been sold which put the leagues sponsorship in doubt, also currently we do not have any committee to run the league as it stands.

An EGM has been arranged and members tasked with agreeing on a new forward thinking proposal to re-promote the league or risk the league folding.

The hope is that a new format will be agreed in January which then can be re-promoted in the press, to other clubs and try and revive the interest within the league.

Watch this space!


Season Ends

No real surprises at the seasons end.  The RA deservedly won the league with probably record points.  Woodland took 2nd prize and numerous point deductions raised South Park 1896 into 4th bottom.

Only one competition left to go and its the 4’s between JUC and Darlington Woodland under floodlights on Monday evening.

We look for new officials for 2019 and hopefully some ideas in how to improve the image of the league.  Disney wants to end its 20 year contract……..


Well, all prizes have been confirmed apart from the Fours knock-out which is due to be played September 10th between JUC & Darlington Woodland.

The league was undoubtedly won by Darlington RA with a surprise 2nd place of Darlington Woodland. The knock-out was also won by Darlington RA against Cummins A with ease.

The new league singles champion is Vic Tunstall who emphatically beat Paul Bailey 21-5. The champion of champions singles final was a much more exciting contest though with Alan Stephenson throwing away a big lead to scrape through and beat John Carmichael 21-20.

The pairs was a comfortable win for Vic Tustall and John Boddy over Iain Prentice and Tracey Fairless and the triples was a closer game with Simon Brodie, Scott Morland and Carl Mafham losing 19-17 to Ron Wardle, Dave Newman and Tony Hepper.

South Park win 1st match!

The bottom team holding everyone up ‘Darlington South Park’ beat their own teammates ‘South Park 1896’ 3-1.  Sadly due to unplayed games they are still likely to end the season on minus points!

Woodland gained some consolation points away at Cummins A – we think it was 4-0 but we have conflicting submissions…..

JUC made big steps up to 3rd with a home win to Alpha Plus 3-1

North Park and Cummins B decided that they didn’t fancy the rain, either that or it was heavier in other parts of the town…..


Woodland loss sees 2nd spot open up

Darlington RA all but confirmed the title this week with a win over Woodland, albeit the scores across all 4 rinks were very close.

This defeat for Woodland opens 2nd place upto numerous teams, Cummins B are in 3rd and Cummins A might have cost themselves 2nd spot by refusing to rearrange games, very unfortunate for them.

JUC also have 2 games to arrange which will probably cost them 2nd place too.

North Park got revenge on a South Park team this week with a 4-0 win, again games all close but this narrows the gap for North Park to try and get out of the bottom 2.

League prizes already sealed?

It seems the RA have walked the league this season with 4 games left to go, Woodland are also in a strong position for 2nd.

As not many teams like playing on a Friday night should we just call it a day and watch the premier league football instead?

Either way we look forward to another AGM where no one has any ideas of how to make the league more enjoyable and reject any ideas to promote or change the league format to help the league survive – whoop whoop!